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Preparing Your Home's Plumbing for Fall

Summer is winding down, soon there will be a crisp autumn breeze in the air and warm apple cider in your cup. However, Fall comes with the dreaded winter, meaning frozen pipes and other seasonal plumbing problems. Be sure to prepare your home early this year by using these tips to winterize your home or cabin.

1. Remove Garden Hoses From Faucets- If you leave hoses attached to your faucets it can cause water to back up in the faucets and in the plumbing pipes inside your exterior walls. If freezing temps hit, this water could freeze, expand, and crack the faucet or pipes. This should be the first step on your Fall maintenance checklist, so a sudden cold frost doesn’t cause unexpected damage.

2. Inspect Your Sump Pump- If your sump pump is exposed to extreme temperatures, like the frigid cold of an Ohio weather, it may freeze and be unable to operate efficiently. It’s a good idea to have your sump pump inspected by a professional once Fall arrives. One of our experienced plumbers can inspect your sump pump to ensure that it is properly insulated and clean.

3. Flush Your Water Heater Tank- As winter emerges, your water will be working harder to provide the same level of hot water. It’s best to have your hot water tank completely flushed, so that the water heater can run as efficiently as possible. By flushing the water heater, you are removing sediment buildup, which blocks the proper heat transfer.

4. Clean Your Sewer Line- Sewer problems are costly to repair and can wreak havoc on your home. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your sewer lines by hiring a drain cleaning professional to clean and snake your sewer line. This helps to keep your sewer line functioning properly and helps to avoid sewer line backups, as well as prevents roots from damaging your underground plumbing lines.

5. Insulate Vulnerable Pipes- Unprotected pipes can easily burst and flood your home, garage, or outdoor spaces. It’s critical to prevent incidents like this by adding quality insulation to your pipes to protect them from freezing temperatures. One of our plumbing experts can evaluate the condition of your pipes and insulate any that need added protection.

If you need assistance inspecting and preparing your home for Fall, give Komar Anchor a call! With over 150 years of plumbing experience, our professionals can complete your residential or commercial plumbing projects with confidence.

Our residential and commercial plumbing services include:

  • Bathroom Addition/Remodel

  • Toilets

  • Faucets

  • Sinks

  • Hot Water Tanks

  • Drain Cleaning Services

  • Certified Backflow Installs & Testing

Call 330.758.5073 to request a free estimate!



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