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5 Common Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

If you own a home, chances are that you will encounter a plumbing issue that you just can’t figure out how to fix. We’ve compiled the most common plumbing issues and their solutions, so you can feel at ease about your home’s plumbing.

1. Dripping Faucet This plumbing issue is so common that it is rare to find someone that hasn’t experienced this in their home. The waste of water can actually push up your water bill and cost you more money, so it is important to fix this as soon as you notice the problem. In most cases the cause of the dripping faucet is an internal washer that has become stiff, torn, worn, or dislodged over a period of time. Komar Anchor can replace this for you quickly and fix your dripping faucet for good!

2. Jammed Garbage Disposal If you use your garbage disposal often, chances are you have experienced a jam. Issues can often occur from running them without water and disposing certain food substances such as cornhusks or potato peels. The first way to attempt to fix the issue should always be to hit the reset button. If this does not work, call Komar Anchor to open up the disposal to find the source of the problem. To prevent future garbage disposal jams, avoid putting these foods in your disposal: · Celery · Banana Peels · Corn Husks · Melon Rinds · Chicken Skin · Meat Fat · Carrots

3. Running Toilet Did you know that a running toilet could be causing you to lose thousands of gallons of water? The most common cause of this issue is a faulty flapper valve which controls the water that passes from the tank to the bowl. If this is not the cause, then your toilet may be running due to sediment affecting the flushing and filling or a silent leak. Whatever the cause, Komar Anchor can identify it and get your toilet and water bill back to normal.

4. Low Water Pressure Having low water pressure in your shower, faucets, or even your garden hose is a common and frustrating problem that homeowners face. Here are a few reasons why your water pressure may be low: · It may be time to replace your showerhead · You may have a leak somewhere in your home · There could be corrosion inside your pipes If you are experiencing low water pressure, call Komar Anchor to take the guesswork out of your issue and restore your water pressure!

5. No Hot Water Have you ever tried to take a shower and found out that you have no hot water? No one likes a cold shower, but yet not having hot water is a common plumbing issue that homeowners struggle with. One of the most common causes of a sudden lack of hot water is the pilot light on a gas water heater has burned out. If you get some hot water but not enough, the tank might need to be drained of sediment. Working on water heaters can be dangerous and needs to be serviced by a professional. Leave it to the experts at Komar to get your hot water back up and running!

If you need assistance solving any of these common plumbing issues, be sure to call Komar Plumbing at 330.758.5073! We can inspect your home’s plumbing and prevent any potential issues. If a problem does arise, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services!

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